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Welcome to the future of banking

Forget the rulebook of old - we're rewriting it


Atom. The bank you’ve been waiting for.

We’re the name that’s shaking up the industry and breathing new life into banking. We’re aiming to speed up the lending process and work with businesses to bring their loan rates down.

We're Faster

Remember the days of uncertainty? Where you had to wait and wait for answers? Forget them. By removing the friction points, we’ve given the lending process the boost it needed.

You get the answers you want faster. There’s no bank manager playing middle man between you and your decision.


We're transparent

We’ll share with you how we made our decision and highlight the risks attached to the business, demonstrating how to minimise them, which can help reduce your loan rate.

Our Team

At Atom we’re lucky to have so many experienced banking brains, tech innovators and customer service professionals on our side. Our small but passionate team has taken business banking, simplified it, and made the entire experience more enjoyable. We put customers in control, we keep them in the loop at all times and we share with them how we've arrived at our decision.

  • Meet Heather Stevenson
    Heather Stevenson | Atom Heather Stevenson | Atom
    Heather Stevenson
    Business Banking Support Executive

    I'm helping to process applications for business loans to get the applicants on their way to new ventures.

    What do you like about working at Atom?

    The investment in great people.

    Name one thing you can't live without

    Washing machine! (I need clean clothes and a clean bed)

    iPhone or Android?

    Android, FREEDOM!

  • Meet Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson | Atom Nick Thompson | Atom
    Nick Thompson
    Business Banking Support Manager

    I am leading a team of Business Banking Support Executives to deliver an unbelievable Customer Experience to Atoms Business Banking customers.

    What do you like about working at Atom?

    The relaxed atmosphere and people, plus I can wear jeans to work!

    Name one thing you can't live without


    iPhone or Android?


  • Meet Claire Graham
    Clare Graham Clare Graham
    Claire Graham
    Business Banking Support Executive

    I provide an exceptional, efficient customer support experience to our business customers to build excellent rapport and valued relationships.

    What do you like about working at Atom?

    Focusing on excellent customer service and not customer sales.

    Name one thing you can't live without

    Wine! Any colour & always gratefully accepted (Prosecco, Champagne & Cava also falls into this category, if you were wondering).

    Rock or pop?

    Pop all the way – 80s discos, perms, shoulder pads (maybe you had to be there).